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Have you ever walked through the forest and heard it whisper to you?

Create your own soundscape and music of the forest in this game.

If you’ve never been to a sound installation exhibition, it’s an entire experience. 

As you walk into a space, art appears on the walls and sound immerses you. 

In this Music of the Forest Game, users will experience the forest in a whole new way.

They will be transported from their location in their home behind their computer screen to the outside wilderness via 3D scenes. Instead of curated museum sounds, this experience is full of sounds inspired by nature. Users can interact with this game to create their own versions of the entire musical work and feel the breath of the forest.   

I hope that all users can experience and enjoy the beautiful lake views, hear the whisperings of the forest, and connect to nature.

About the Music

This exhibition is developed and composed by Zoe (Yi-Cheng) Lin from Taiwan. 

Before experiencing this work in its entirety, users should select an emotion (calm, neutral, or energetic) as represented by colored balls: blue, green, and purple.

The experience begins with music playing associated sounds found in nature; user selections are associated with different flute passages and related to the selected color/emotion selected.

Before the first passage ends, visitors will reselect a color ball for the next passage, and so on for all eight passes. In this way the work is fully personalized to its listener.

This experience has 997,272 possible versions. From a musical point of view, this number of possibilities make the time domain “thicker” and expands the music into three dimensions without adding visual elements.

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AuthorInterval Studio / Zoe Lin
Tags3D, artgame, Atmospheric, First-Person, Forest, Instrument, Music, Relaxing


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It's beautiful! But I need a faster computer :.c